Artur Schernthaner-Lourdesamy, born 2001, lives in Vienna.
I graduated from the class Multimedial at “die Graphische” in July 2020.
I'm attending the Department Site-Specific Art (Ortsbezogene Kunst) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna since October 2020.
The last years I have been working in Theater and Film production (namely as an assistant director at Odeon Theater) as well as some freelance as a Webdeveloper.

I am also practicing my own artistic strategies in some solo works and other miscellaneous ways & collaborations;
i.e. as part of vienna based artist group Bussi Gruppe.

Also: contrabass, performing arts, installation, site-specifity, people.

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Ohne Titel (Dinge, die fehlen)

Seminarraum Ortsbezogene Kunst und Skulptur und Raum
Bühne, Darstellende Kunst, 25 min

Eine persönliche Auseinandersetzung mit Fähigkeiten; Denen, die man erarbeitet hat, erlangen will, pflegen muss und für die es vielleicht in diesem Leben schon zu spät ist.
Eine Sprossenwand in der Peripherie des Bühnenraums stellt den Bezug zu institutionellen Strukturen her.
Bilder außerhalb der Fluchtlinien des Publikums werden mittels live-Video projiziert.

1. Akt: Kontrabass Improvisation
2. Akt: Körper auf Bühne
3. Akt: Nostalgisches Bild mit Sprossenwand

Performance, Publikum im Vordergrund. Sprossenwandmodell Bühnenansicht Handykamera die vor Fenster hängt Detailaufnahme von Kiefersperrholzplatte show less ↑ show more ↓

Kunstverein Baden

Kunstverein Baden, Beethovengasse 7, 2500 Baden

Die eigenartige Konstellation der Leuchtstoffröhren im innenraum der Galerie wird verdoppelt an der anderen Seite des Daches installiert.
Zur Verringerung der Lichtverschmutzung wird diese Installation nie über die nautische Dämmerung hinaus leuchten.

Außenansicht von Kunstverein Baden mit Lichtinstallation am Schrägdach, bei Nacht. Innenansicht Leuchtstoffröhren im innenraum der Galarie 2. Außenansicht auf Lichtinstallation, bei Tag. show less ↑ show more ↓

Konzert 1 (Werk 1)

Fluchtstiegenhaus, Paulusplatz 5, 1030 Wien
Kontrabass Konzert und Komposition,

Ein Fluchtstiegenhaus als Konzerthalle, verschweißter Stahl als Notenständer, eine Komposition, ein Kontrabass, und das Spiel des Musikers ergeben dieses Konzert.

Kontrabass in Streiflicht Notenblätter Konzert Setting show less ↑ show more ↓

we met at columbusplatz

Columbusplatz, 1100 Vienna
Collective Performance

Anna Witt
Artur Schernthaner-Lourdesamy
Filippo Contatore
Florin Stanzer
Judith Raupp
Joshua Bond
Pia Plankensteiner

Alice Skreta
Papa G

Max Koller

Columbusplatz, named after Christopher Columbus, is a square located between a busy road and a pedestran zone, framed by some historical buildings, with a fountain, cafes and flower beds. Traces of consume oriented city development are undermining this place.
A big entrance to an underground car park is cut into the middle of the square, leading to the Columbus Center, a modestly functional shopping mall with an aggressive postmodernist mirror glass facade, with an abstracted egg-shaped bay window integrated.

In the context of this urban environment, several meetings took place, in which the group used a loose set of “body exercises” to get in an open and experimental dialog within the group, the public space and people around.
Starting point for these experiments was a given platform in the center of the square.
Body exercises like falling, standing, or balancing weight, reach from singular exposure of a vulnerable body, to group acts of symbiotic movements of a collective force, to symbolic gestures resolving in absurdity.
The performers experiment with dependencies, gravity and the breaking point of a group.
Body-configurations and group dynamics influence each other mutually und create an inner narrative.
In other exercises, the idea of self-control or external power and activeness or passiveness played an important role.

The exercises followed a loose structure, where a set of ideas was fixed but the specific enactment was largely improvised. A group with defined rules, but without allocation of roles, communicating bodily and intuitively about the next step to take.
There were moments of discomfort and disorientation, which were accepted as the necessary side effect of being open and accessible to the unforeseen and incidental.

Main element of all exercises was the experience through the body and how it reacts as a group. All actions were experimental and improvised. In certain moments, even a child-like flow of playing occurred.

Columbusplatz is a very lively Plaza, maybe atypical of Vienna.
Our performance took place in coexistence to other activities there. We did not grasp for special attention, nor was anybody disturbed by our presence.

We were just doing our own thing, at times joining into the playfulness which was there already. This motivated a certain intimacy within our group, being able to concentrate but also lean back into the surrounding noise.

An interaction with passersby was not forced, nor avoided. It could happen at any time.

The performances were minimal and abstract in a way, to give space for connection between different personal ideas and layers of meaning inherent at the place itself.

We met at Columbusplatz Performance still We met at Columbusplatz Performance still We met at Columbusplatz Performance still We met at Columbusplatz Performance still
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Paulusgasse 10, 1030 Vienna
Installative Performance
Armiergewebe vernäht, 1,10m * 7,50m; 1min

In this Work I dealt with materiality, texture, trust. Its content lies somewhere between experienced here and now, my personal working process and exploration, properties of Material and on-site situation.

Armiergewebe Installed Armiergewebe Installed Armiergewebe Installed show less ↑ show more ↓

you're not alone


online video installation. The Video, showing Sheep in late October of 2020, plays in sync with other devices when viewed through the website.

Screenshot of Website (schafe.artur.at)

Wo bist du?

4.2020 (diploma project with Flora Fee Mayerhofer and Leyla Awad)

Ein Katalog und eine Website.

Flora Fee Mayerhofer: Fotografie, Scouting
Leyla Awad: Grafische Gestaltung
Artur Schernthaner-Lourdesamy: Webdesign/development, Ton
Das ganze Projekt entstand in enger Zusammenarbeit.

Bei Interesse einen Katalog zu sehen: artur@artur.at

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Begegnung im Öffentlichen Raum

09.2019 (with Vincent Entekhabi, exhibited at ArsElectronica Festival 9.2019, Akademie Galerie München 6.2020)

This installation addresses interaction in public spaces on an auditory and visual level. In a video installation, an objective view of an encounter is created. The spectator watches separate worlds collide, merge and avoid each other. In contrast to the visual representation, the auditory material is reproduced subjectively. In an interplay of confused everyday noises and musical improvisation on the double bass and piano, a carpet of sound is created in reflection of the visual depiction.

Diese Installation thematisiert die Interaktion im öffentlichen Raum auf auditiver und visueller Ebene. In einer Videoinstallation entsteht eine objektive Sicht auf eine Begegnung. Die Zuschauer beobachten, wie getrennte Welten aufeinander prallen, verschmelzen und sich gegenseitig ausweichen. Im Gegensatz zur visuellen Darstellung wird das auditive Material subjektiv reproduziert. In einem Wechselspiel von verwirrenden Alltagsgeräuschen und musikalischer Improvisation auf Kontrabass und Klavier entsteht ein Klangteppich, der die visuelle Darstellung reflektiert

Documentary image of Video Installation Documentary image of Video Installation Documentary image of Video Installation
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Portfolio-Website for Simon Kubik.

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02.2018 – 02.2019

A folder containing many of my photographic works.

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Website for Outflats, a project by Lorenz Uhl & Emely Mair.
Formerly located at https://outflats.at, today it's archived.

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I noticed that when in the Kitchen, I regularly need to set a Timer at 4 minutes. So i decided to build a 4-minute-timer from an arduino nano, some elecrical components and a 3d printed casing. When pressed once, it will count 4 minutes then start to beep and keep on beeping until pressed again. In case it’s been set accidentally, the timer can be canceled via a second press.

Mir ist aufgefallen dass ich in der Küche regelmäßig einen Timer auf 4 Minuten stellen muss, daher habe ich mit einem arduino nano, ein paar elektronik Komponenten und einem 3d gedruckten Gehäuse einen knopf erstellt auf den man einmal drückt und er beginnt nach 4 minuten zu biepen, bis man erneut drückt. Wenn man ihn unabsichtlich drückt kann man durch ein zweites Drücken den Timer abbrechen.



Portfolio-Website for Julius Pristauz.

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Portfolio-Website for Tim Rudle.

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early html experiments


some of my earliest html-experiments.

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